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Company Profile

Aakar Stones Pvt. Ltd., A Company of AJANTA STONES Group, Since Inception in 1982 by the Mittals at Baseri with Mines at Sarmathura in district Dholpur became the pioneer in Sand Stones Processing who are now known for their brands like Agra Red, Dholpur Beige, Pink, White, Mint & Mint fossil, Grey and Lalitpur Yellow etc.

Mittals beings techno savvy created own infrastructures ranging from Block Cutter, Gangsaw to Calibration & Tiles Polishing Units thereby are capable enough to supply nicely polished & finished products and today are enjoying a capacity of over 1,50,000 Square Meters.

Aakar Stones, one of the largest manufacture of Sand Stones also known for their quality in polishing, edge cutting, honing, Shotblast, both brushing & bush hammered finishes.

Aakar Stones, expertise in excavation, processing and finishing are lively visible in Blocks, Slabs or Tiles or even in any Ornamental items and have been the first preference among their prospective customers. Their Ornamental items include range Statue, Tables, Chairs, Lamps, Pots, Pillars ,Railings are also readily available for any interior & exterior decoration beside products to suit your requirement can also be created.

Aakar Stones, also successfully handled export quality suppliers to leading Indian Exporter, & to their own overseas buyers. Aakar Stones, control over the raw material backed by The technology and their dedication today have carved a name for them for their Timely delivery, Finish & Price that matches your needs while the standard excels beyond imagination.

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